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"Team Green rocks!!!!!"
~J. Ashlock (owner-Massage by Jules)

"Thanks to Team Green for an awesome job once again on my carpet and rugs!! Alex, you are always on time and professional. And everything is so clean! Thank goodness, because I have a lot of traffic through my house! I'm a loyal customer!"
~K. Sullivan

"Alex came over to our home in riverview and cleaned my moms carpet!!! I can't tell you how amazing of a job Alex did!!! It was mind- blowing and can't wait until he cleans my carpets!!! My mom said he was an absolute gentleman and the way these carpets look is insane!! There was no way these carpets would ever come clean!! Now, they look brand new and we can't believe it!! There were cigarette stains, and even rust stains and they are all gone!!! We appreciate the fantastic job and professionalism!!! Please contact me so I can schedule my carpet cleaning!!! A JOB WELL DONE!!!"
~B. Berning

"Thank You Soooooo Much For Cleaning Our Carpet it ; It looks Wonderful :)"
~M. Hernandez

"Team Green Carpet Cleaning Inc. We have used their non-toxic cleaning service in our office twice now! The results have been incredible and I love the fact that their is no toxins used or left behind during the cleaning process! You can find them on and make sure to like them on facebook and use them for your next carpet cleaning!:-)"
~D. Tyson (owner-World Chiropractic)

"We do Property Management and have used Alex, starting with his old company, for 3 years. Never had a call back, Team Green got out stains that had set for years that others could not remove, always professional and on time. Could not do this job without them! Tried several before we found Team Green and they can't compare. Alex really knows his stuff. Good luck with your new company!"
~K. and R. Heald (Remax Southshore Realty)

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